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Four domestic IVD enterprises have been included in WHO EUL

The global epidemic continues to spread. In the Americas, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention predicts that there will be 230,000 deaths in the United States by the end of October. A school in Brazil was closed again just three days after it reopened. In Europe, the number of new cases in a single day was the highest in many countries during the recent rebound of the epidemic. In Africa, the epidemic is expected to shrink 3.3 percent of economic this year, reversing a decade of economic growth. In Asia, India's health ministry said the country had the highest number of cured cases in the world, and Japan announced a $130 million contribution to global supplies of covid-19 vaccine.

August and September, 2020, five companies of new global covid-19 rapid test products have been listed as the world health organization (WHO) Emergency Use Listing (referred to as "EUL"), four for IVD domestic enterprises, respectively is perspective of Tellgen Corporation, Fosun Long March Medical Science Co., Ltd., HEALTH Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Wantai and another multinational companies as Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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